by Christina

Fine Line Tattoo's have become increasingly popular all over the world. Aside from the celebrity trend, part of the appeal of small, fine line tattoos is that they are dainty, are a softer look, easy to hide if desired,and can be created using more linear designs

From delicate line drawings of flowers, animals, household objects and scribbled or cursive script to the faces of your favorite pet and mythical creatures, it is a unique and pared-back approach to body art. 

Christina has always been attracted to the finesse of this style. With the skills that she has accumulated after tattooing all of these years, she is now happy to be able to translate them into fine line body tattooing.

A fine line tattoo is generally done with a single needle or a very small grouping of tattoo needles. It demands a great deal of control and precision. Any design can be done in a fine line style, she will also execute shading to add to the artistry of some of the tattoos.

Having your tattoo done at Wink includes a peaceful and beautiful ambiance paired with the ability to pre-numb the area you are having tattooed if you prefer. Why should it be a painful process? We are throwing out all of the old stigmas and welcome a new and modern way of experiencing a tattoo. For more information on scheduling please view the Tattoo FAQ page.