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2021 Eyebrow Trends

As we get ready to kiss 2020 goodbye and start to make our lists of new year's resolutions, you may have a brow makeover in your future if you're looking to start the new year in style. Below are the eyebrow trends we expect to see everywhere in 2021.

Slick, fluffy brows

Taking the feathered brow to new heights, brows that are slicked back and fluffed out are taking over our social media feeds, and we expect this trend to get even more popular in 2021. Get the look with laminated brows.

Defined, yet natural brows

Gone are the days (thank goodness) of staring into a magnified mirror every day and taking a pair of tweezers to your brows. You can be a little more relaxed in between brow appointments in 2021. Not quite bushy and not quite overly sculpted will be the look people will aim to achieve.

Brows that are defined yet natural allow your brow's natural beauty to shine through by simply cleaning up the stray hairs but allowing your most natural eyebrow shape to take over.

Microblading replaces the eyebrow pencil

A few years ago, eyebrow pencils and pomades like Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dip Brow were all the rage. People will leave their eyebrow pencils and pomades with them in 2020 as we will continue to see people replace them with professionally-done and much longer-lasting micro blading for a sculpted and dramatic yet natural look.

Powder brows